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Mean Girls

Co-Director- David C. Morgan

Co-Director- Dana Harris

Vocal Director- Dylan Harris


July 18-21 2024

BBCHS Auditorium 

700 W North Street 

Bradley, Il 60915


Are you ready to have a TOTALLY fetch summer with BBTEP? We are so excited to branch out and offer our first EVER Teen/College camp in the summer of 2024! The camp will be like our traditional summer theatre experience where we put on a fully staged, costumed, choreographed production- just with extended age ranges! Read below for more information and to get prepared to watch the world burn!

Camp registration will be open to ANY person CURRENTLY 

ages 12-20. We may accept students over 20 on a very specific person to person basis.

Camp Fees:

In District: $250

Out Of District: $300

Everyone who registers for camp will have a guaranteed spot in the BBTEP production of Mean Girls. We will be having placement auditions and lead callbacks to determine the casting of the show! Due to the modern nature of Mean Girls, campers may be asked to bring in items to be used as costumes since 95% of the show takes place in a high school. BBTEP will be renting and creating the specific iconic costumes for some roles and specialty costumes for the show. 


Camp Dates:

Initial Meeting- April 22nd 2024

Auditions: May 13th 2024

Lead Callbacks: May 14th 2024

Camp Registration: COMING SOON

Initial Auditions:

Please prepare ONE of the following selections of your choice!

Male Presenting Options:

M1- Where Do You Belong? m. 24-38

M2- Stop m. 34-50

M3-Who's House Is This? m. 9-17

Female Presenting Options:

F1- Meet The Plastics m. 33-47

F2- Apex Predator m. 29-44

F3- World Burn m. 68-75B

Lead Callback:

The second night of camp auditions will be lead callbacks. we will only need to see the people we are considering for 8 specific roles listed below!

Cady- Stupid With Love m. 54-80

Regina- Someone Get's Hurt m. 43-59

Gretchen- What's Wrong With Me? m. 44-94

Karen- Sexy m. 90-100

All 3 Plastics- Meet The Plastics m. 117-124

Janis- I'd Rather Be Me m. 4-31

Janis and Cady- Apex Predator m. 150-167

Damian- Stop m. 186-203

Aaron- More Is Always Better m. 71-94

Kevin G- Who's House Is This? m. 9-17

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