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Into The Woods

Director- David C. Morgan

Assistant Director- Dana Harris

Vocal Director- Dylan Harris


April 10-13 2025

BBCHS Auditorium

700 W North St

Bradley IL 60915


The time has finally come to return to the woods after our original production of Into The Woods was cancelled just weeks away from performances by COVID-19. We are so excited to finally get to bring this masterpiece to the stage! Into The Woods will be our IHSMTA Eligible show- meaning the workload will be intense, but the payoff will be beautiful! We are looking to idelly cast around 15-16 students for Into The Woods- everyone will be a soloist of some sort there is NO ensemble in the show. Because of this, we will not be able to accommodate many conflicts- any spring sports or outside activities need to be cleared by Mr. Morgan BEFORE auditions and may have a hand in your placement in the show. This material is very difficult and we will need everyone available for this process. 

Auditions are open to any CURRENTLY enrolled

BBCHS student. 


Audition Dates:

Initial Audition- November 18

Group Callback- November 20

Lead Callback- November 22

Sign up link: COMING SOON

Initial Auditions:

Please prepare TWO of the following selections from the show. You may choose any of the options regardless of the character who sings it in the show. Please choose options in your preferred vocal range!


OPTION 1- Act 1 Opening Part 9

OPTION 2-  Act 1 Finale Part 4

OPTION 3- Stay With Me

OPTION 4- Maybe They're Magic

OPTION 5- No One Is Alone

OPTION 6- It Takes Two

OPTION 7- Agony

OPTION 8- Giants In The Sky

Group Callback:

Group callbacks for Into The Woods will help determine who ca handle this style of music. While we just finished an award winning run of Sweeney Todd, the music in Into The Woods has some more intricate rhythms and phrasing. While the group callback music isn't as complicated part wise as last year's group callback, the intricacies of the pieces below will still test your musicality. 

Group Warm Up- Act 2 Finale Part 4

Group Cut 1- Act 1 Finale Part 4

Group Cut 2- Act 1 Finale Part 4

Lead Callback:

The third and final night of auditions will be lead callbacks. We will have a lot of material to cover so please come as prepared as possible. Vocal callacks are now posted, callback readings are coming soon.

Baker- No More

Baker's Wife- Moments In The Woods

Cinderella- On The Steps Of The Palace

Jack- Giants In The Sky

Jack's Mother- Act 1 Opening Part 5

Little Red- I Know Things Now

Narrator- Act 1 Finale Part 4

Princes- Agony

Stepmother/Lucinda/Florinda- Act 1 Opening Part 1

Witch- Last Midnight

Wolf- Hello Little Girl

We are so excited for this show- we can't wait to see all the talent at auditions!

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