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Sweeney Todd

Director- David C. Morgan

Assistant Director- Dana Harris

Vocal Director- Dylan Harris

Choreographer- Case Koerner

April 18-21 2024

BBCHS Auditorium

700 W North St

Bradley IL 60915


Sweeney Todd is BBCHS' 2024 IHSMTA submission. Accordingly, the rehearsal process will take longer than the fall and winter musicals. Those cast in Grease and Sweeney will have a bit of overlapping rehearsal schedules. Cast members for Sweeney will also be expected to work outside of the rehearsal hours to perfect their materials. The vocals of this show will be harder than any show we have previously done, and extra time will need to be given to practicing at home as well.

Sweeney Todd is full of beautiful music, and a devilishly fun story. There are 9 leading roles (3-4 Female Presenting and 5-6 male presenting depending on casting.) In addition, we are looking to cast an ensemble of 15-20 students with ample solo lines to go around. This will be a heavily rehearsed show, but we can work around work schedules when they're brought up to the staff at auditions. 

Auditions are open to any CURRENTLY enrolled

BBCHS Student.


Audition Dates:

Vocal Prep Session- November 14th

Movie Night- November 16th

Initial Audition- November 27th 2023

Group Callback- November 29th 2023

Lead Callback- November 30th 2023

Sign up link: HERE

Initial Auditions:

Please prepare ONE of the following selections of your choice. After you perform your selection, the staff will ask you to sing a selection of THEIR choice. Please be familiar with all potential options for the voice part you choose. Feel free to prepare more than one vocal part. Sheet music is in the Dropbox linked above as well as practice accompaniment tracks that will be used at the callbacks. 

Soprano Options:

S1- Worst Pies In London m. 56-77

S2- Green Finch And Linnet Bird m. 38-56

S3- Johanna Act 2 m. 65-78

Alto/Mezzo Options:

A1- Poor Thing m. 56-113

A2- Wait m. 38-56

A3- By The Sea m. 82-102

Tenor Options:

T1- Johanna m. 4-24

T2- Epiphany m. 71-80

T3- Not While I'm Around m. 21-36

Baritone/Bass Options:

B1- Ballad of Sweeney Todd m. 4-25

B2- My Friends m. 15-36

B3- Pretty Women m. 33-47

Group Callback:

The second step of Sweeney Todd rehearsals will be a group callback. Our vocal director will teach parts at this callback quickly to see how fast you can learn, and test your ability to hold a part. We will start with a quick partner warm up, then learn two selections from the opening number. Sheet music is available in the Dropbox above with the other audition information- please be familiar with the cuts coming in. Singing well in a group and vocal blending will be a HUGE part of our casting process when it comes to our featured soloists and our ensemble. We CANNOT cast you in the ensemble if we can't hear how well you sing this music in a group setting. 


Warm Up- A Little Priest m. 174-198

Group 1- Ballad of Sweeney Todd m. 59-74

Group 2-  Ballad of Sweeney Todd m. 114-135

Lead Callback:

The final step of Sweeney Todd auditions are lead callbacks. Please prepare any material you are called back for- we will lightly go over music the night of callbacks, but the staff wants to see what you can prepare on your own. Sheet music is in the Dropbox linked above as well as practice accompaniment tracks that will be used at the callbacks. 

It is IMPERATIVE that you make every effort to clear your schedule for this day if selected. We CANNOT cast leads below who are singing duets with another character if we are unable to hear you sing with those called back for the duet partner. Pay CAREFUL attention to those duet selections- they will make or break the casting process.

*Sweeney- Epiphany m. 45-80

Sweeney and Ms. Lovett- My Friends m. 49-70

Ms. Lovett- Worst Pies In London m. 27-77

*Tobias- May be asked for the beginning of Not While I'm Around

Tobias and Mrs. Lovett- Not While I'm Around m.43-104

*Anthony- Johanna m. 4-40

*Johanna- Green Finch and Linnet Bird m. 1-36

Anthony and Johanna- Kiss Me m. 22-28

*Judge Turpin and Sweeney- Pretty Women m. 49-65

*Beadle Bamford- Ladies In Their Sensitivities m. 22-37

Beggar Woman- Johanna Act Two m. 125-145 (take the top notes)

Pirelli- The Contest m. 61-75

* denotes IHSMTA eligible roles 

Please note: The Grease and Sweeney Todd cast lists will be posted at the same time at the end of the dual audition week!

We can't wait to get started on this show with you! 

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