Legally Blonde

Director- David C. Morgan 

Assistant Director- Dana Harris

Vocal Director- Dylan Harris


April 2022


Initial Audition Information: 

Legally Blonde is BBTEP's 2022 IHSMTA nominated musical! Because of this, we are looking for the best of the best to make this show a success! Legally Blonde requires amazing vocals, dancing, and stage presence and we can't wait to work with our amazing theatre students to find the best cast for this amazing show!

*To watch the full musical, click HERE*

Initial Audition Date: November 16-17 2021 at 6:00PM

Audition Sign Up: HERE

Audition Information: HERE

We will be dedicating an hour before auditions each day for you to come fill out paperwork and to run through any song questions you may have with Dylan. He will be there from 5-6PM both days to answer any questions and give any advice you may want!

For the initial audition, students can choose between 2 audition cuts for men or women- although students are encouraged to pick the cut that fits their voice the best- you don't have to pick a cut assigned to your gender. 

Female Cuts:

Omigod You Guys 

What You Want

Male Cuts:

Whipped Into Shape

Chip On Your Shoulder 

Callback Information: 

Callbacks for Legally Blonde will be done on as as-needed basis. This means if we see enough for a role at the initial audition, we will not call that role back to see more.


With that being said, you can find all the callback information HERE. 

Callback Date: November 18 2021 at 6:00PM

Female Vocal Callbacks:

Elle Woods- So Much Better

Paulette- Ireland (Reprise)

Brooke Wyndham- Whipped Into Shape

Vivian- Legally Blonde Remix

Serena, Margot, Pilar- Omigod You Guys

Enid, Brooke, Vivian- Legally Blonde Remix

Male Vocal Callbacks

Emmett- Chip On Your Shoulder

Warner- Serious

Callahan- Blood In The Water

Callback Readings








Serena Margot, Pilar




Legally Blonde Cast Breakdown:

IHSMTA Qualifying Roles

Elle Woods

Emmett Forrest

Paulette Buonufonte 

Warner Huntington III

Vivian Kensington

Professor Callahan 

Supporting Roles

Brooke Wyndham





Enid Hoopes


The ensemble of Legally Blonde has AMPLE solo opportunities! Delta Nu Sisters, Sales Associates, Harvard Students, Courtroom Attendants, Elle's Parents, etc. There are over 20 solos/featured roles to be split up between the ensemble! If you've ever wanted a solo in a musical, this is the show for you! 

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