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Heroes v. Villains

2023 Winter Cabaret

Director: David C. Morgan

Assistant Director: Dana Harris

Vocal Director: Dylan Harris

Choreographer: Jordan Fox

February 24-26 2023

BBCHS Auditorium

700 W North St

Bradley IL 60915


Initial Audition Information: 

BBCHS is bringing back the crowd favorite Cabaret performances back to the BBCHS Auditorium in February 2023! The Heroes v. Villains Cabaret is open for any currently enrolled BBCHS student to audition!


Initial Audition Date: December 12th 2022 at 6:00PM

Audition Sign Up: HERE

For the initial audition, you may choose from the eight pre-selected song cuts listed below. You can sing any of the cuts regardless of character gender, and can pick the vocal octave that best suits your voice type. 

Audition Selections can be found HERE

Audition Karaoke Tracks can be found HERE

Your Options Include:

Hero 1: Unruly Heart m. 19-35

Hero 2: Hard Knock Life m. 16-35

Hero 3: Grow For Me m. 10-26

Hero 4: When I Grow Up m. 1-12

Villain 1: Naughty m. 35-52

Villain 2: Stepsister's Lament m. 3-26

Villain 3: Agony m. 2-16

Villain 4: Finale Ultimo m. 60-66 (top line only)

We are looking to have a fun filled cast with many opportunities to be featured with a solo. Between all 24 songs that will be included in the cabaret, there are 61 solos spread out. If you're a stage veteran or if you've always wanted to see what the BBCHS Theatre Department experience is like, the Winter Cabaret would be a great opportunity to get a taste of the program!


Solo Audition Information: 

After the initial round of auditions, we will put together the students who have been cast in the Cabaret.


Those students who have been cast will be able to audition for solos on Wednesday December 14th! We will share specific solo audition cuts with those selected to participate in the cabaret.


Not all solos will need to be auditioned, for the easier solo opportunities we will ask the full group who has interest in them and decide accordingly.


Following solo auditions we will release a full setlist with every solo assigned! 

Solo Audition Cuts

Dead Mom (Lydia): p.7

For Good (Elphaba): m.42-52

Grow For Me (Seymour): m.10-26

Little Girls (Miss Hannigan): m.70-88

No One Mourns The Wicked (Glinda): m.74-91

Not About Me (DeeDee): m.123-141

On The Steps Of The Palace (Cinderella): m.85-98

This World Will Remember Me (Clyde): m.43-62

If you have interest in any of the smaller solos/solos that don't require a separate vocal audition you may be asked to sing:

Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee: m.2-34

Solo Audition Sheet Music And Tracks Can Be Found HERE

If you have any questions about the audition process, feel free to DM our social media accounts or email for a response! 

We are excited to begin this fun filled process with all of you!

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